Candles or Melts?

Many people stick with one or the other, normally whichever one they were introduced to first. 

Let’s have a look at the differences and if there is room for both in your life.

Candles are great mood setters.  They look lovely on a counter unburnt or as a focal point.  They tend to smell faintly even if they are not lit, but also tend to get dinged and dusty which can affect the burn later down the line.  The problem is, if you don’t co-ordinate your candle scents you end up with a cacophony of smells and generally a big headache. 
Melts are a little more plain and easier to bulk up on, and it’s easier to chop and change your scent.  Not every likes having the same scent day in and day out.  With melts, there is the option to have an electric burner or an enclosed or partially hidden flame which is really handy when you have little ones or animals in the house. 

We at all times stress the fact that no flame or device should be left unattended or near children or animals.  This is a safety announcement. 

What is a melt anyway? I hear you ask.  Melts are little chunks of waxy bliss that you place in the top of an oil burner and it slowly melts and releases the heavenly fragrance.  The beauty of a wax melt is that you can control how much scent is released into your room, and also what scent you want to experience today.  Our shot pot wax melts come in a little plastic container which is fantastic for storing buttons and other tiny random things, but also means you can pour (CAREFULLY) the wax back into it if it hasn’t depleted the scent but you want to change your scent.   Another way of changing your scent in a burner is to let the wax harden and then flick it out.  Most burners have a generally smooth well which means once the wax hardens and contracts, it’s easy to flick it out in one piece nice and clean to either toss in the bin or use again another day.

So, now comes the really big question.. Which one are you?  Are you a melt lover or a candle lover or the very rare… love a bit of both worlds?  Comment below and let us know.

Personally I do love both but I mostly go with melts…. Why you ask?  Well, I can never make up my mind what scent matches my mood, so I chop and change them.  If I had a candle for every scent I love, I’d need a bigger house. 

IF you have never tried a melt, I recommend you give it a go at least once.   WE have some really beautiful starter packs in our store, and if you use the code TRYAMELT then you can get a discount on your starter pack or our assorted melts packs.